How to get Judgement Kayle

Judgement Kayle Skin Summary

Availability Not Available In Store
Price Season 1 Reward
Concept Kayle as a hooded figure with a flaming halo
Model New textures for wings, outfit, halo and sword. Model now has a hood.
Particles No new particles
Animations No new animations
Sounds No new sounds
Rarity Very Rare
Release Date 08/23/2011


Judgement Kayle is a very uncommon skin that used to be released way back in Season 1 as a reward for players. To acquired the skin players had to play 10 matches in order to qualify. Due to the very low participant base back in season 1 of the game, it is estimated at less than 1% of the LoL population own the skin. Since season 1 many players have quit the game and no longer play which means the skin is lost on their account. The skin was never offered in the Riot shop due to it being a season reward which makes it even rarer in contrast to other skins. The skin itself aspects Kayle as a hooded figure with a matching blue outfit. Her wings have been modified from the authentic white to a new mild brown which makes them virtually stand out. The sword has additionally been recolored with a blue crystal rather of the original crimson one. This matches the whole color scheme of the skin as nicely as making it stand out more. The animations, particles, and sounds have not been modified and remain the identical as the default skin. This is not unusual as Riot used to be working on releasing new champions when the game first came out and did not have time to spend making new skins on present champions. Currently, this skin is no longer accessible as it was once gifted to gamers in season 1 as a reward. There is no indication that this skin will ever be available again so the only way to acquire this skin is to purchase an account with it already redeemed. If you’re searching for the very rare Judgement Kayle skin then be sure to take a look at out our LoL skin shop below.



Judgement Kayle has so many wonderful effects that we can’t seize them all in photos alone. That’s why we’ve added a transferring image, also recognised as a video. You can see the video for the Judgement Kayle skin beneath:

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